Jill Diana Chasse’s
*October 28th, 1:30pm *

What’s a Blessingway?

A blessingway is a nurturing celebration which honors the transition
to motherhood. A blessingway concentrates giving support and love
the mama-to-be for her journey of birthing and becoming a mom.

For women, a blessingway is an opportunity to show spirit and
support for another woman we love. The mother can garner collective experiences
and power and use it to solidify her own strength to follow her new path.

Blessings and affirmations for birth and mothering are
bestowed upon the mother, and symbolic gifts or gifts which pamper
the mother during labor or postpartum are given.

It gives close friends and family the opportunity
to express their love, appreciation and support;
it gives the pregnant mother the opportunity to receive these blessings,
and to honor the scale of the changes that are taking place in her life.


• Guests will be given a collection of beads to make a birthing necklace
for the mama-to-be (and stuff for themselves too!)

• Mama to be will have a belly cast made and guests can help design it with
wishes for Jill, the new baby,  and the family

• A journal to welcome baby will be available for guests to write a
message about mama (Jill) to her and baby

• Onesie designing- guests can design a onesie for the new baby
with paint and fabric markers

Please bring a dish- we’ll be having a potluck lunch!

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Please let me know if you can make it!
Feel free to call or write if you have any questions

Thanks for making it special! Click here for some pictures
I can attendI cannot attend
spouses are welcome to hang out in the rec room, bond with the daddy and play X-box :)